The Port Authority of New York New Jersey is expected to vote on proposed fare increases tomorrow, but if the New York State Comptroller has his way, he'd rather they look at huge overtime bills before asking commuters to dig into their wallets for extra cash.

A new audit reveals the Port Authority paid out nearly $86 million in overtime pay to employees last year. The numbers are staggering: of the 6,977 Port Authority employees, 5,360 received overtime pay. New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says there's "no clear strategy" for cost-cutting, and wanted the agency to look into that before asking people to pay more to ride.

The proposal on the table is to increase tolls on bridges and tunnels $4 for E-Z pass holders and $7 for cash payers. Hikes could kick in as soon as next month, creating tolls of $12 to $15 - the biggest increases, ever. Whats more, additional increases of two to four dollars could happen in 2014.

In response, the Port Authority says it has fewer employees than it's had in the last 40 years, so the ones it does have must work extra hours: "We will continue to cut costs and make sure we value every dollar as we work to meet the region's needs."