James Cromitie

According to federal prosecutors, James Cromitie is one of four men arrested May 20, 2009 on charges related to a bombing plot in the Bronx. (Associated Press / May 20, 2009)

The four men from Newburgh who are accused of trying to carry out a terrorist plot targeting synagogues and military planes in the New York area have pleaded not guilty to additional charges in the case.

James Cromitie, Laguerre Payen, David Williams and Onta Williams continue to be held without bail. They appeared Wednesday in White Plains Federal Court.

The four men were arrested May 20 following an elaborate FBI sting. Initially charged with conspiracy, the suspects face new charges of attempting to use weapons of mass destruction, and conspiracy to kill U.S. officers and employees. They could face life in prison if convicted.

"I don't understand the stuff the court talks about," Payen said during Wednesday's court hearing. Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Snyder told Magistrate Judge Paul Davison that Payen was putting on an act.

"On April 28th, he is on a very clear recording talking about beating the case in a very sophisticated way," Snyder said. "It's very different from the way he's talking now in an effort to mislead the court." Payen's lawyer says his client is schizophrenic and bipolar.

The defendants in the case are ex-convicts, and relatives have said they were struggling financially.