It was the worst crash in Westchester in more than 75 years, and two years later there's still so many questions, and so many lawsuits.

To recap, cops say Diane Schuler from Long Island was drunk and high when she drove on the Taconic State Parkway the wrong way and crashed head-on into an SUV, killing 8, in 2009.

Schuler, her 2-year-old daughter, Erin, and her nieces Emma Hance, 8, Alyson Hance, 7, and Kate Hance, 5, were killed. In the SUV, Michael Bastardi, Sr., Guy Bastardi and Daniel Longo died. Schuler's 5-year-old son, Bryan, was the only survivor.

Autopsy results show Schuler had the equivalent of 20 shots of vodka in her and there was evidence she was smoking marijuana.

From the beginning, Schuler's husband, Daniel, has refused to believe his wife was drunk and stoned, and has insisted she must have had a medical condition. He still wants the body exhumed for a second autopsy.

The media

HBO aired a documentary Monday night called, "There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane."

It explores what could have led to the tragedy that changed countless lives, and has inspired heated debates. It tells the tale from the Schuler's side. The title comes straight from the words little Emma Hance said to her mom on the phone from the van an hour before the crash.

The three girls' mom and dad, Jackie and Warren Hance declined to participate in the documentary. Michael Bastardi, Jr., son of victim Michael Bastardi Sr. declined as well.

Bastardi Jr. recently wrote a book called, "The Taconic Tragedy: A Son's Search for the Truth," along with his wife. It focuses on his family's suspicion that Daniel Schuler knew about his wife's condition that morning, and that the family failed to call 911, when they learned there might be a problem. He's says it's impossible to live with the loss, and still hear people talk about how Schuler was the perfect mother.

Jackie Hance recently broke her silence with a story in the Ladies' Home Journal. In it, she revealed she's pregnant and is expecting her baby in the fall.

The lawsuits

Schuler filed a lawsuit Monday against the state saying the Taconic State Parkway is poorly designed and the lack of signs led his wife to enter the northbound parkway heading south. He's also suing his brother-in-law, the father of the 3 nieces that died because the van Diane was driving was his. the suits had to be filed before the 2-year anniversary.

Bastardi's sister, Roseann Guzzo, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit in late 2009 against the Schuler estate and Warren Hance.

Victim Daniel Longo's brother Joseph, also sued the Schuler estate, Warren Hance, and also Roseann Guzzo, saying that Guy Bastardi, who was driving, bore some responsibility for the crash.

The Bastardi family says they'll go to church to honor their lost loved ones. They will then visit the accident site and place a flower, then visit them at the cemetery.