Good detective work and a not-so-bright murder suspect leads to an arrest in a crme that sent shockwaves through the city.

Anybody who has ever watched a crime show on television knows a killer should never call the cops to report the murder. But cops say that's exactly what Rita Morelli's killer did. Now, 41-year-old Bakary Camara of the Bronx is in custody.

Camara is accused of killing Morelli, a college student and waitress who came to the United States from Italy five years ago wanting to study design.

Police say Camara brutally killed her by strangling, stabbing and cutting her throat. Then, he made a critical error.

Cops say he called 911 call from a pay phone a few blocks from his apartment in the Bronx to report a dead body in the woman's apartment. Cops say they found her cell phone and started calling her friends' phone numbers. Camara answered a call with the same heavy accent police heard on the anonymous 911 call.

Inintially, investigators say they tried to trick Camara to get him to come to the stationhouse where they could arrest him, but he didn't bite.

Cops then went to his home and when he wouldn't answer the door, they forced their way in only to find Camara on the sofa repeatedly stabbing himself.

Camara is hospitalized and under arrest at St. Barnabas Hospital. So far, police have no motive for the killing.