The Merrick man accused of stabbing an 8-year-old boy in a Westbury Dave & Buster's restaurant was indicted Tuesday by a Nassau County grand jury.

The charges against Evan Sachs, 23, include second-degree attempted murder, first-degree and second-degree assault, and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, according to prosecutors. The second-degree assault charge was reportedly added after Sachs was arrested.

According to authorities, on Friday, Oct. 8th, Sachs sneaked up behind an 8-year-old boy while he was playing a video game in the arcade of Dave & Buster's, put a hand on his shoulder and proceeded to plunge a four-inch hunting knife into the child's back, police said. He stabbed him five times.

The little boy staggered to his parents, who were 20 feet away. The victim's father and an eyewitness nabbed Sachs and took him to a restroom until police arrived. The little boy was rushed to a local hospital. The boy is recovering from a punctured lung and other wounds.

The first tip that the brutal attack was premeditated, was a note found in Sachs' hand describing his desire to kill a child who would be chosen at random. Sachs had been wandering through shopping malls for weeks before the attack looking for a potential child victim, police said.