Besides being the best known party girl on MTV's popular reality show "Jersey Shore", Snooki is proving she does in fact have an intellectual side and is slated to pen a novel called, "Shore Thing."

Gallery Books -- an imprint of Simon & Schuster -- announced Wednesday they are teaming up with Poughkeepsie's own Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi for a novel that centers around an Italian girl looking for love on the boardwalk, complete with "big hair, dark tans and fights galore."

It may be a hard feat for the four-foot-nine 'boozy suzy' who has admitted to only reading two books in her life: "Dear John" and "Twilight." However, she did release a statement making it clear that she is not working on the book alone and does have a collaborator.

Nevertheless, the pint-sized Guidette seems to be excited about her new venture.

"I'm pumped to announce to my fans a project that I've been working on for some time," she wrote in a statement. "This book will have you falling in love at the shore."

Jennifer Bergstrom, of Simon and Schuster's Gallery Books, is excited to have the reality star on board.

"Who better than Snooki to write a fun, sexy novel about a single girl looking for love on the Jersey Shore?" she said.

The novel is slated to hit book shelves in January 2011.