Rough Week Continues For Ray Kelly


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10:23 PM EST, January 27, 2012



This has not been a good week for Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. He's dealing with the rape allegations against his son Greg on one hand, and calls for his resignation over a controversial anti-Muslim film shown to hundreds of recruits on the other. But the city's top cop says he is not going to quit. "It's a high profile job and you don't make everyone happy. I've known that for a while ." When asked during a press conference if he plans to resign Kelly quickly replied "No."

Kelly has apologized for the showing of the film "Third Jihad" at a police training facility but even the mayor conceded this incident and the fallout have strained relations between the NYPD and the city's Islamic community. The video funded by a pro- Israel group is filled with ominous music, pictures, and statements.

I think its inflammatory and it's a little much. And we never intended to show that movie but it was shown." said the commissioner.

Kelly says the movie was never used in training but was shown for about 3 months continuously off to the side in a waiting room where hundreds of cops undergoing training filled out paperwork. The movie and inconsistencies over whether or not the commissioner did an interview for the film prompted some to call for Kelly and Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne to resign.

At a city hall rally Thursday people called out, "Kelly must go. Kelly must go."

The commissioners spokesman says he could have done a better job of getting all of the information out and today supporters lined up behind the embattled lawman.

On his radio show the mayor said " The film should not have been shown but once Kelly found out. He did the right thing. He yanked it."

Peter King, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee also weighed in saying "I have a tremendous amount of respect for Commissioner Kelly. He has done a terrific job in counter-terrorism."

And Kelly says there are relationships with the community in place. "I think the department works with the Muslim community very well, and we are proud of that."

But some members of the Islamic community still plan to hold a rally and march to police headquarters next Friday.