People in one Queens neighborhood were in shock Sunday night, after a little girl visiting from Australia died in a two-car crash in Astoria.

Sabrina Mangos, 10, and members of her family were here visiting from the city of Tennyson, near Adelaide. That's southern Australia, southwest of the city of Sydney

Police say they were in a GMC Minivan that collided with a Nissan Sentra at the corner of 34th Avenue and 31st Street. That was around 6:40 p.m.

Eyewitnesses told police there was a loud crash, then the van flipped over, leading them to think it was about to explode.

Police say nearly a dozen good Samaritans made a bee-line for the van, feverishly trying to turn it right-side up. The minivan was packed with four adults, Sabrina and two little boys, 11 and 13. , which included her mother, father and her brothers.

EMT's were on the scene in minutes and immediately began to pull people from the wreckage. Once the van was put upright, they discovered the little girl's limp body on the street, bleeding from the head; she had been crushed.

According to witnesses, the father held his daughter tight, as her brothers also tried to hug her. Her devastated mother was screaming, inconsolable.

Sabrina was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens in Astoria, where doctors pronounced her dead. The others were taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center; they're expected to survive.

According to police, the family mentioned to people on the scene that this was their last day here, before heading back Down Under.

Meanwhile, the 55-year-old driver of the Nissan Sentra appeared to sustain only minor injuries; he was spotted -- extremely agitated -- pacing back and forth as EMT's worked.

As of Sunday night, he hadn't been ticketed, according to police, who are still investigating the crash.