"Every year is different and I love it every time I come," that was a common theme shared by numerous revelers of the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

The largest parade of its kind in the nation once again had hundreds of thousands lining the streets to show off their colors, express their pride, and of course turn 5th Avenue into the largest dance venues in the nation.

"Pride means a whole bunch of people who get a chance to show that they are Puerto Ricans and how much they have to offer to the city," said actor John Leguizamo, who this year was the parade's Global Ambassador to the Arts.

Prior to this year's parade there was some controversy involving the Coors Light advertising campaign. The beer giant pulled down its entire campaign hyping the parade after PIX 11 reported on how their bus stop and billboard ads were offensive to the Puerto Rican community.

No problems on this day, the Coors Light float rolled through without going flat.