Con Ed experienced peak usage at five o’ clock in the afternoon on both Wednesday and Thursday and at one 1pm on Friday. There are several explanations for why the utility’s system peaked so early today -- but Friday afternoon’s rough weather likely had a lot do with the sudden drop off in air conditioner and other electrical usage.


That rough weather was  probably the last thing residents in Corona, Queens needed, especially in the midst of this week’s soaring temperatures.


Resident Racquel Sevella showed Pix11 amateur cell phone video of electrical wires smoking on a 38th avenue utility pole -- after a sudden burst of strong wind and heavy rain.


“I was so scared. Everybody come outside, because inside it was very, very hot.”


ConEd reported 117 customer outages in all of Queens Friday afternoon.


But that number clearly didn’t take into account the fresh wave of power loss inflicted by the storm.


Utility workers here in Corona told Pix11 that many customers along a two-block stretch suffered at least some loss of power while they repaired charred low voltage electrical lines.


Meantime, on Long Island, firefighters in Mineola struggled with downed power lines that fell on their fire truck.  They were all rescued safely.


There was no saving the evening commute for thousands of stranded Long Island Railroad customers at Penn Station, however, also thanks to storm-related delays.


Over the last few days, Con Ed intentionally lowered voltage, and asked customers to conserve energy use in several Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods as it made heat related repairs.


Residents in Corona may not be on that reduced voltage list, but Friday’s rowdy weather put in them in the same situation.