A New York City police officer is fighting for his Monday after being gravely injured while on the job.

NYPD officer Carlos Olmedo, 31, is in intensive care at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, and dozens of his fellow officers spent the night and the morning at the hospital, keeping Olmedo's family company and showing support.

The married father of three was hit by a motorcycle just after 1:00 A.M. Sunday during a foot chase. The crash left Officer Olmedo in such bad shape that Mayor Bloomberg had this assessment after visiting with Olmedo's family and doctors at the hospital yesterday: "He is in very grave condition. He's being treated by the best doctors that are here. At this point I think it's in the hands of God."

Olmedo and his partner were chasing on foot three car theft suspects who had made a run for it from a vehicle police say the young men had stolen. As Olmedo ran across the intersection of 84th Street and 20th Avenue in Bensonhurst, a motorcycle struck him, injuring him severely. Olmedo spent the day in surgery Sunday to relieve pressure on his brain. Meanwhile, police caught the three suspects Olmedo was chasing, and now they're charged with felonies that include causing the injuries to Officer Olmedo.

All three suspects are 18 years old. Mario Koruni, Sefer Mujo and Tiku Qoko each face the following three charges: assault causing an injury during the commission of a felony, assault on a non-participant during the commission of a felony and criminal possession of stolen property.

The driver of the motorcycle that hit Olmedo suffered injuries in the crash that are not life-threatening. Police are not charging him with any crime.