Question: Take away the trademark goatee, standard bling, mix in a glum look and what do you get? Answer: The mug shot of ex-Giants star Plaxico Burress.

Burress, 32, was forced to shave upon his arrival at the Ulster Correctional Facilty. He arrived Wednesday to begin his two-year prison term on a weapons charge.

In the mug shot first released Friday, Burress - seemingly miserable - is donning a white T-shirt beneath a green prison uniform. Before being led away, Burress was spotted tearfully kissing his pregnant wife and young son goodbye.

Burress accidentally shot himself at the Latin Quarter nightclub in November when a .40 caliber gun - which was tucked into his waistband - slipped down his leg and fired. He received an injury to his thigh. Burress was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released.

Burress was sentenced to the prison term on Tuesday after reaching a plea bargain deal with prosecutors.