Officials in the Russian region where a plane crash killed Poland's president and 95 others yesterday say Russian dispatchers had asked the plane's Polish crew members to divert from the military airport where they were trying to land.

They say controllers didn't want the plane to try to land in thick fog, and told the crew to land instead in Moscow or in Minsk.

The plane crashed during the landing attempt, killing everyone on board -- including many Polish political, military and church leaders.

Russia's transport ministry says Russian and Polish investigators have started to decipher the flight data records from the aging Soviet-built airliner.

Former Polish president Lech Walesa says it's too soon to cast blame for the crash. He says he doesn't think the pilot would have decided on his own to attempt the landing. Walesa says whenever he has flown, the crew members have always asked the leaders who are on board what they want to do.