Newark Police have a man in custody in connection with a deadly hit and run that killed a five-year-old girl.

Saleem Wright, 24, surrendered to police on Friday afternoon.

Witnesses tell PIX 11 News that Julianne McKenzie Vega was in the street outside her home on Columbia Avenue Thursday at around 8:30 p.m. when a dark blue or black Mercedes sedan sped through, and struck her.

"We heard something say boom, when we looked she was actually in the air flipping, and she hit right here, right on the back," eyewitness Lance Stovall said as he pointed to his minivan, parked three houses away from the point of impact.

The entire left rear end of the minivan Stovall bought just hours before the incident is now crushed in. That crumpling indicates the speed and intensity of the girl's collision with the car.

Police confirmed Friday that they have found the dark blue late model Mercedes that struck Julianne.

Emergency personnel responded to the victim in less than two minutes, according to authorities. The child was transported to UMDNJ Medical Center, where she later died.

"They're always flying down the street," Stovall said, referring to traffic on his block of Columbia Avenue, south of South Orange Avenue. "They never take consideration that there's kids all over here."