A Long Island man accused of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated and then slamming his Mercedes-Benz into the back of a parked police car - causing severe injuries to the officer inside - has been convicted of driving while intoxicated, assault and other charges.

Rahiem Griffin, 28, of Shirley, could face up to seven years behind bars when he is sentenced on July 22.

Last May, Kenneth Barbault, 31, had pulled over a suspected drunken driver on the side of the Long Island Expressway, when Griffin slammed into the rear of his Nassau County police cruiser.

Prosecutors said Griffin was returning home from the Bronx, after spending a night out with friends when the incident occurred. His driver's license was suspended during the time of the crash, officials said.

During testimony, Griffin reportedly said he thought he was in fine shape to drive, but now realizes he made a critical mistake. His lawyer said although his client didn't made a wise decision, he should not be charged with reckless assault.

Barbault, who took the stand during deliberations to demonstrate his injuries, has been unable to speak or move his right side since the crash. He reportedly answered questions by shaking his head and raising his thumbs up and down during the trial. The accident left Barbault partially paralyzed.

Griffin's lawyer says he plans to appeal the court's decision.