Bill De Biasio has released his third annual list of worst "slumlords" and apartment buildings in the five boroughs.

The list covers 358 buildings and names 317 landlords.

Building problem descriptions range from leaky roofs, to no heat or water to holes in the walls.

245 Sullivan Place in Crown Heights received the building with the most violations award. There, tenants struggle to deal with roaches, rats, crumbling ceilings, mold, exposed wiring, and lack of heat, hot water and electricity in multiple apartments.

The building has more than 650 open violations, according to city records. It's owned by James Crossman, 92, of Queens, and tenants said he hasn't made any major repairs in two years.

But, Crossman isn't who De Biasio considers the worst landlord in the city. That honor was bestowed upon Josh Neustein of 1071 Home Corp for owning eight of the buildings on De Biasio's list that have received 1,200 violations.

"Obviously, this is a guy who doesn't care about his tenants," the public advocate said.

De Biasio has said the list "helped to successfully pressure landlords to improve the safety and living conditions for thousands of New Yorkers."

The list does more than shaming deserving landlords. More than 250,000 visitors have used the list since its launch.