The LIRR anticipates the restoration of AM rush hour service to Penn Station through Jamaica with some cancellations possible.

However, service on the Port Washington Branch remains suspended and may not be restored by the morning rush. Port Washington Branch customers are advised to use LIRR train service on alternate branches.

Shuttle service will run overnight between Jamaica and Brooklyn.

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Thousands of dinners went cold and evening plans had to be cancelled as toppled trees forced the Long Island Railroad to stop the trains.

Frustrated commuters waited for hours in a steamy terminal waiting for word when service would resume. When I left Penn Station around 11 pm, the trains still were not running. Crews were working in the Woodside and Forest Hills area to clear the tracks of trees toppled by a sudden and severe storm that hit at the height of the rush hour.

Commuters were angry and they sounded off on our cameras. One woman complained that there were no announcements telling people what was wrong. "It's a disgrace," she declared. Another woman said she was "at wits end." One woman who left her husbands bedside at a hospital because his condition was stable, was in tears as she told PIX News she was going home for the first time in eleven days and wanted to be with her daughter, but had no idea when she would get there.

Many commuters who are accustomed to delays on the LIRR simply camped out, playing games on their cell phones or reading papers. I saw a 5 year old boy unconcerned by the delay as he crayoned his coloring book.

Above ground, some people decided to spring some extra bucks to take a taxi home. It seemed like a good idea, but hundreds of others had the same thought and the wait for a cab was interminable. Many shared a ride to different locations on Long Island.

One woman who said this was the second delay in a month, exclaimed, "If they had competitiion, it would be better." Then she got on her cellphone to tell her husband how to prepare dinner without her.

It was a long night for all. Service remained suspended for hours.