Not many people live to tell about it, and Phil Colacioppo knows he's lucky to be alive after getting struck by lightning coming from his car.

"I felt just a violent blow to my back and then I heard a tremendous bang and then next thing I was on the ground and couldn't pull myself up." Colacioppo told PIX 11 News adding he thought for sure was going to die.

"Within 2 to 3 seconds I was able to lift myself off the driveway and I ran to the door screaming for my wife, I think I was struck by lightning call 911."

Colacioppo was rushed to Stony Brook University Medical Center, his only injury a strange mark resembling a fern leaf on his back. "the doctor looked at my back and was like yeah you were hit by lightning its called ferning that mark it looks like a fern."

The mark has faded after a couple of hours and Colacioppo is feeling fine.

He would have had third degree burns or worse had he been wearing his watch, or anything else metal.

Talk about luck.

"Everybody is coming into the emergency room and asking can I take your picture all the doctors."