A Long Island man and his pregnant wife aboard a flight in which an alleged terrorist attempted to blow up a Detroit-bound plane described a scene of chaos seconds after an apparent explosive device detonated.

"It was scary...I definitely didn't want to die and didn't want to lose this baby either," Shelly Kakar told PIX News.

Gagandeep "Calvin" Kakar, a clothing company owner from Albertson, and his wife Shelly, were not scheduled to be on that Christmas Day flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. The pair were initially scheduled to fly home on Dec. 10, but since Shelly wasn't feeling well, they changed their plans.

Gagandeep, 35, said he was seated four rows ahead of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the alleged terrorist who reportedly boarded the plane with explosives strapped to his thigh. Kakar said roughly seven hours into the trip he heard a pop, but brushed it off as the sound of a child's toy since the plane was full of kids.

Seconds later, however, he and his wife heard a flight attendant scream: "Fire Fire!"

"We were still flying when the fire was extinguished, so it was probably about 10 minutes later we landed," said Shelly. "We remained on the plane for another 30 minutes after ... They wanted to get this guy {abdulmutallab} off the plane first."

As soon as flames and smoke began to fill the plane cabin, Gagandeep said panic quickly began to ensue. Shelly said she heard children crying and saw people praying.

Amid all the chaos, a Dutch passenger identified as Jasper Schuringa, leaped over a row of travelers and put Abdulmutallab in a headlock and dragged him to the front of the plane, where authorities quickly handcuffed him.

'He had a lot of anger in his eyes," said Gagandeep.

The couple said they are happy to be alive and are chalking up the whole ordeal as a Christmas miracle.

"This guy could have done anything he wanted to...and we're very lucky to be alive right now," said Gagandeep.