Only people with a valid ticket and an unaltered wristband will be allowed into the service. Wristbands that have been ripped, taped or tampered with will be voided.

The streets around Staples Center will be closed to prevent people without tickets from trying to attend, police said.

Businesses in the the area closed off -- bounded by Olympic and Pico boulevards and Flower and Blaine streets -- will be allowed to stay open Tuesday, but only ticket holders will be able to make purchases. It was unclear whether street vendors would be allowed into the area.

Seeking to discourage massive throngs of people, officials said that there would be no funeral procession and that no one would be allowed inside a large area around Staples Center unless they had a ticket and a wristband, a media credential or could prove they live or work there. Police are asking people who don't have Jackson tickets or other valid reasons to stay out of the downtown area Tuesday.

The ceremony will not be shown on Staples Center's giant outdoor TV screen, and there will be no funeral procession though the city, officials said.

A public memorial at Staples Center is fitting, especially since the King of Pop finished his last rehearsal at the arena the night before his June 25 death.

Jermaine Jackson expressed concern that the Staples Center wouldn't be big enough for his little brother's public memorial.

"There's no place even big enough. We talked about the Washington Monument, we talked about the Coliseum. We talked about a lot of places," Jermaine said, "There are 20s of thousands just from the UK."

Officials said the Jackson family has arranged for a worldwide pool feed of the service for fans to watch on every network.

ABC, CNN, MSNBC and E! Entertainment are among the networks that have already announced plans to offer live coverage of the memorial.

Anderson Cooper, Larry King and Don Lemon will be the anchors for the CNN coverage. ABC is sending anchor Charles Gibson to Los Angeles for the story, and CBS anchor Katie Couric will also be on hand at Staples Center.

Original speculation about a memorial and funeral service had focused on Jackson's former home at Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County, but a family statement said no such service was being planned there. Jermaine Jackson said Thursday that he would like to see Neverland Ranch as his brother's final resting place.

Jackson specified no plans for a funeral or wishes for his remains in his 2002 last will, filed in a Los Angeles court last Wednesday.

Jermaine Jackson also said the family intends to have a series of memorials around the country, though no further details have been released.


Road Closures and Public Transportation Info:

Parking for ticket-holders will be offered in the Staples Center and Nokia Theater garages, and plans for overflow parking will be finalized Sunday or Monday.

As of 11 p.m. Monday, the area bounded by Flower Street to the east, Olympic Boulevard to the north, Pico Boulevard to the south and Blaine Street to the west will be completely closed. It will remain closed until after the service Tuesday.

The only entrance into the Staples Center area will be at Figueroa and Pico, Rayner says. Between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesday, there will be no access in or out of the area.

Two ramps to the 110 Freeway will be closed -- the southbound ramp at Olympic Boulevard and the northbound Pico Boulevard ramp.

Metro bus riders traveling through downtown on Monday and Tuesday should expect delays and route changes due to street closures being enacted for the memorial service.

Metro will begin re-routing buses in the immediate vicinity of Staples Center on Monday, and will enact more extensive route changes Tuesday. Passengers who get on or off buses in the area bounded by 7th Street, Alvarado Street, Washington Boulevard and San Pedro Street will have to walk to one of those streets to catch a bus.

Regular weekly schedu8les for Metro rail services aren't expected to be disrupted, but the Metro Blue Line Pico Station, north of the Metro Blue Line Grand Station, may be closed for an undetermined period on Tuesday.

Metro officials warned riders to plan ahead for delays and route detours.

Additional information on affected bus routes and Metro changes in the downtown area is available by calling (800) 266-6883, or at