Police today released Leonardo Parera's 911 phone call and in it you can hear the voice of the armed and deadly dangerous Parera. He's the 39-year-old New Jersey man who police say gunned down a co-worker at a Morris County real estate office last Friday. Then got into a fatal gun battle with cops in Mountain Lakes.

Here's a transcribed portion of that recording:

Leonardo Parera: "I just killed someone, uh 100 Route 46 ."

911 dispatcher: "What do you mean you just killed someone?

Parera: "Exactly what I said I'm armed and dangerous."

Here's what prosecutors told reporters the day after the shooting, Prosecutor Robert Bianchi said: "Morris County received a call from New Jersey State Police that there was a 911 call that was placed that there was an active shooter situation."

It turns out that the caller was the shooter himself and today that chilling 911 recording was released.

On the 911 call you hear a man police identify as Parera threatening to shoot anyone one who tried to approach him, and making clear he was prepared to kill himself before it was all over. Here's more transcribed portions of the 911 call:

Leonardo Parera: "You know what, I need to make some calls and let people know I'm going to be dead now..Tell the officers that I don't want to kill anybody else."

Leonardo Parera : "You know what, I'm armed, I'm dangerous, send the cops out, I'm in a parking lot I can see from every angle I will shoot at anyone who approaches the car …

"We're not going to de-escalate this. I'm looking to escalate."

Parera died Friday – gunned down himself - in a parking lot shoot out with police. So far, the motive for Parera's deadly day is unknown.