New York hair stylist Marina Vance paints a glamorous image online, wooing soon-to-be brides with snapshots of her TV appearances, and a few celebrity name drops. But traffic to her website is jumping for the ugliest of reasons.

She's been hit with a complaint by the New York City Commission on Human Rights. Commissioner Pat Gatling says it all stems from a voice mail message Vance left for a soon-to-be bride.

"Ms. Vance went off on a tirade using all kinds of racial slurs," Gatling said.

According to Gatling and the complaint obtained by PIX11 News, Vance hurled the slurs after the woman failed to show up for an appointment.

"Then she filed a case with the Human Rights Commission and we decided to investigate," she said.

The investigation was brought to a city judge who agreed with the Commission, finding, "the nasty, profanity laden message betrays an ugly and reprehensible bias against [the woman]." When Vance didn't show up for a hearing, the judge recommended she pay more than $22,000 as punishment, with a chunk of that money going to the woman for emotional distress.

"This is not only a case of racism, but also a lack of professionalism," Gatling said.

What does Vance have to say about all this? The phone number on the website was answered by a woman who declared it a wrong number, and there was no salon at the Madison Avenue address Vance advertises. It was just a building with apartments and other businesses.

Vance did surface today, in The New York Times. In a phone interview, she denied leaving the voice mail and said "I never discriminate about no one".