One Queens mother says she is never opening up her windows again, after her baby's room was broken into, by a burglar, a squirrel.

"It spread its wings like a flying squirrel and it was holding onto the blinds. Before it left it urinated," said a new mother named Amanda, holding her four-month-old daughter, terrified it could happen again.

Dozens of people who live in two high-rise buildings on Austin street, say squirrels have been climbing on tree branches leaning on their windows, and breaking in.

"The trees are owned by the LIRR and they should trim those branches," said Kenny Kasman, who does not want to pay the $3800, for trimming. there have been six break-ins in the past month, and everything from, record holders to computer wires have been damaged.

"I hope someone can save me from those nasty rodents," begged Amanda. An LIRR spokesperson tells PIX11 News they will work with the community on a solution and want to be a good neighbor. PIX11 News will stay on this story.