An early morning drag race, where speeds reportedly reached 145 miles per hour, left one driver injured and a gas station up in flames, police said.

"These 2 cars are flying in the left and center lane and he said it actually rocked the car as they went by," said Chief Michael Sharkey.

The stunned deputy sheriff who was parked looking for speeders flipped on his lights but there was no way he was going to catch the two dragsters.

"He looked at the laser and they came in at 145 miles per hour and he said to himself, 'let me look at that again' (but) he got the laser locked and it said 145," Sharkey told PIX 11 News.

According to the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department, the high-speed drag race unraveled along the Long Island Expressway just before 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

Police were quickly alerted about the race when the two vehicles flew past officers patrolling the roadway near exit 61, officials said.

As officers pursued the racers, one vehicle spun out of control near exit 58, crashing through a fence and into the gas pumps of a Gulf gas station, sparking an explosion seconds later.

Witnesses tell Newday that the driver and passengers, all in their 20's, managed to flee the vehicle before it went up in flames.

"I see one car, coming sideways, and it hits the pump," Umit Ozdemir, a gas station manager, told Newsday. "I run towards the car to see if anybody is hurt. I'm like 10 feet away and the car, it blows up."

The drivers of both cars were later arrested and charged with engaging in an unlawful speed contest, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, criminal mischief and fleeing from a police officer.

Suffolk County police identified the men as Jeffrey Brown and Joseph Sharka.

One of the passengers were reported injured. Their identity and condition was not immediately known. No other injuries were reported.