Seemingly unphased by being caught red handed -- removing campaign signs -- John Byrne simply flipped the bird when he was approached.

"If it was someone who worked for me I would fire them," Randy Altschuler, the republican running for congress in New York's first district, told PIX 11 News.

Byrne doesn't work for Altschuler -- whose signs were taken down -- nor does he not work for the man he is challenging: Democrat Tim Bishop.

"Ours get taken down about 15 to 20 minutes after we put them out there. It's not right, it's not fair," said Bishop.

Byrne is a democratic committee member and an aide to Brookhaven town council woman Connie Kepert.

Despite the evidence under his arm -- and the one finger salute -- he was working today.

"The last thing people want to see is this kind of partisan nonsense and the fact that this is someone that is being paid by the taxpayers with this kind of behavior," said Althschuler.

John Byrne agreed to do an interview with PIX 11 News, but didn't show or return calls. He was quoted in a local paper the North Shore Sun saying that he removed the signs because they didn't belong where they were on a county road, and that he threw them in a dumpster and he would do it again.

"He doesn't work for me," said Bishop.

Permits are needed to place campaign signs along county roadways.

"Look he's not being paid to cleanup signs on the highway and I think the picture speaks a thousand word," said Altschuler.

Tim Bishop got a lift from Bill Clinton today at Stony Brook University.

The race for New York's first congressional district is tight.

"I just think it's going to be an election that is going to be decided by single digits," Bishop told PIX 11 News.