LIRR riders say they only have to go to their neighborhood station to catch a train and also catch a glimpse of a real life coyote.

Signs posted by Antionette Jorge, arider who says she came face to face with several coyotes the other night, warn riders coyotes are everywhere and they are hungry. "I turn to my left and there he was, the coyote, in my face," said Antionette, standing in a walkway in Railroad Park, which is right next to the Locust Manor LIRR station.

"Welcome to Coyoteville," joked Jorge. Jorge says she called every city agency about the problem and no response. So PIX11 News made some calls.

The L.I.R.R. told PIX11 News, "...based on a report by PIX11's Monica Morales of coyotes at a park adjacent to the station, the MTA Police is contacting Animal Care and Control of NYC to look into the matter." And the Parks department sent a park ranger out right away.

"I think because of your story the park ranger was here," said Mario Francis, a man who lives right next to the station and claims to see coyotes everyday. PIX11 News will stay on it.