In what is perhaps a sign of the cash-strapped times, the City fined a Douglaston man two thousand dollars for not watering his beehive.

"When I got the fine, I though it was a mistake. Then I read it and thought, "the City is giving me a fine for not giving a bunch of bees a drink, that's silly!" said Tip Sempliner, showing PIX11 News the water dish meant to feed the bees in question.

The hive actually belongs to a friend, but it was kept on Sempliner's property. A Notice of Violation was given to Sempliner and he immediately started making calls to city leaders to complain.

"The city must be desperate and need the money badly," laughed Sempliner.

Even Mayor Bloomberg was asked about the bee sting in Queens, and when asked if he knew there were city workers that check on beehives, he admitted, "No. I didn't know that."

Meantime, Sempliner who lives right on the Bay, with plenty of water for bees to drink, says the City decided to throw out the fine after "thinking it through" and has issued him just a warning.

"What are they warning me about? You attract more bees with honey than vinegar right?" asked Sempliner, holding his citation in disbelief.