The bikini-clad woman who became a YouTube hit after destroying a Panama City, Fla. Burger King, is now facing felony charges.

The Smoking Gun reported Monday that, Nekiva Vonte Hardy, of Montgomery Ala., is now charged with "felony criminal mischief, two counts of misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest (she initially was charged with only simple battery, a misdemeanor)."

Hardy will most like face additional charges after initially giving Panama City police the name of an acquaintance in Montgomery, Kimesa Smith, TSG reported.

Nekiva Hardy has a long rap sheet that includes cocaine possession, criminal mischief and hindering prosecution, according to reports.

The ugly spring break melee happened around 6:30 p.m. March 19 after Hardy entered the Florida Burger King in search of a burger and fries.

Hardy and several friends began complaining about slow service after they reportedly waited 20 minutes for a Whopper Jr. and fries.

Complaints escalated to yelling, and another BK customer quickly took out his cell phone and began filming what would become "Spring Break Bikini Brawl at Burger King" on YouTube -- now at more than 67,000 views.

When she finally got her food, she threw it back at the BK staffers and went into a rage.

After tossing the tray, the video shows her climbing on top of the counter and hurling everything she can get her hands on while screaming obscenities at the workers.

At one point she assaults a worker with a large charity donation jar.

The woman's friends also took part, by throwing trays, a coin jug and utensils at the staff.

"We tore the Burger King up," Hardy reportedly boasted, "I don't play no games."

Hardy has worked for both McDonald's and Church's Chicken in the past, according to TSG, and, after the incident said, "I know how to greet my customers."

"If I knew what was gonna happen," Smith reportedly added, "I would've gone to Taco Bell."

WARNING: This video contains violence and profanity