"Down with terrorists! Down with Ahmadinejad!" screamed protesters on Saturday as they drove by the Warwick Hotel in Midtown, where Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is expected to stay in preparation for his speech Wednesday at the United Nations.

The hotel will not confirm -- or deny if he is staying there; protesters tell PIX11 Ahmadinejad and his entourage booked 75 rooms, and they find that disgusting.

David Ibsen of United Against Nuclear Iran explained why he is protesting the ruler's visit: "This man is a leader of [sic] most despicable regimes in world, that is the leading sponsor of terrorism and responsible for massive human rights violations."

A dozen protesters of the organization protested the president's visit on bikes with mobile billboards.

Meanwhile, security is high at the Warwick -- complete with a screening machine and metal detector provided by Secret Service to protect any and all U.N. delegates, according to the New York City Police Department.

"New York City should not be welcoming this man here, and using our police resources at immense cost to taxpayers," said Ibsen.

John Little, visiting from Texas, disagrees. "He's not the only one getting security from the City Of New York, aren't there a bunch of heads of state in here this week?"

True, many heads of state will be in the city, but few seem to generate such deep-seated disgust as the Iranian ruler, which is why police presence and protests are expected all week long.

"Whenever he (Ahmadinejad) comes to New York, he uses the podium of the United Nations to spout outrageous claims and lies like 9/11 didn't happen, the Holocaust didn't occur and Israel should be wiped off the map," said Ibsen.

"As an Iranian-American, I would prefer if he didn't have a platform to speak, because the only thing to come out of his mouth is absolute garbage," Sandra of New York told PIX11.