Security is still tight the day after the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

PIX11 took a drive around during the Monday morning commute and we spotted several security check points around the city. For example, 42nd Street near Times Square was the site of two checkpoints where police were stopping trucks and cars.

PIX11 also observed several more at bridges and tunnels too, including the Midtown Tunnel, Holland Tunnel and Brooklyn Battery. Another checkpoint was spotted one on the FDR Drive heading towards the Staten Island Ferry.

More cops working Sunday had their shifts stretched into Monday, all on the heels of a potential and credible terrorist threat around the 9/11 anniversary. Some were carrying radiation detectors, some with sniper rifles, and still more with bomb-sniffing dogs.

This effort was all to thwart possible plotters of a credible yet unconfirmed plot to use car bombs to kill. And they say at this point, there's been no evidence an actual terrorist operation was underway.

Cops won't say how long this heightened police presence will continue. Drivers are advised to allow extra time if they are driving into New York City.