Highs in the 60s, chance of rain in the evening Thursday

Thursday was expected to be relatively warm but cloudy with a chance of light showers in the evening and into the night.

The high temperature will reach around 62 degrees, according to the National Weather Service, with a low around 47 degrees. Winds will blow from the east and northeast at around 7-10 miles per hour.

There will be about a 40 percent chance of showers after 5 p.m., with that chance rising to 70 percent after 8 p.m. About a quarter-inch to a half-inch of rain could fall.

It was also expected to be cloudy and potentially rainy on Friday, with a high of 57. The weekend will likely clear out, with sunny skies and highs in the low 60s or high 50s before rain returns on Monday and Tuesday. Saturday, however, is expected to be windy, with potential gusts of about 30 miles per hour.



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