Elm tree leaves

Leaves on what was named the nation's largest elm tree in 2008, on the grounds of a home near Brooklandville. (ALGERINA PERNA, Baltimore Sun / May 22, 2008)

Allergy sufferers, beware: It's just about that time of year to get a stock of tissues handy again.

Trees have started to bud, and as temperatures rose and sunshine abounded this weekend, pollen levels have crept up. 

Tree pollen levels are considered high Monday in the Baltimore area, according to the National Allergy Bureau Pollen and Mold Report. Levels had been low since late February.

According to The Weather Channel, the most prevalent varieties of tree pollen are cedar, maple and elm.

Mold levels are meanwhile also at low levels and have been since late February, according to the allergy bureau.

A respite is ahead, though, with rain in the forecast starting late Monday or early Tuesday. The Weather Channel forecasts no tree pollen activity through Thursday.