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Science magazines hosting Comet ISON online Q&A

Still have questions about how and when to see Comet ISON? Editors from Astronomy and Discover magazines will answer them online Thursday.

The magazines are hosting a Google Hangout chat from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., with editors and other experts answering questions.

They will discuss questions including where and when to see the comet, how you can photograph it, and what scientists might learn from it.

RSVP for the event or simply tune in at 3 p.m.

The magazines, in partnership with the National Science Foundation, are meanwhile holding a Comet ISON photo contest with three top $2,500 prizes. The photos will be judged in three categories -- photos taken with cameras and tripods, through piggyback cameras on telescopes, or through-the-scope photos where a telescope acts as the camera's lens.

As the comet nears its Nov. 28 perihelion, where it will graze past the sun, it is brightening and allowing some to see it with the naked eye and others to get impressive photos of the comet, including the one above taken by Monkton astrophotographer Mike Hankey.

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