Pollen counts surge to 'very high' levels

Tree and grass pollen have surged into the air over the past week and could remain at "very high" levels this week, to the chagrin of allergy sufferers.

For at least the third time in a week, tree pollen concentrations rose to more than 2,500 spores per cubic meter on Monday, according to Owings Mills allergist practice Drs. Golden & Matz LLC.

The count reached 2,628 Monday, considered "very high," with oak, maple, elm, poplar, ash, hickory, sycamore, beech, cedar, birch and pine pollen active.

Grass pollen meanwhile hit a count of 519 on Monday, also considered a very high level.

The Weather Channel's PollenCast calls for tree pollen to remain very high through the week, though it predicts lower levels of grass pollen. AccuWeather.com meanwhile predicts moderate tree pollen and low grass pollen.

Some rain showers in the forecast late Monday and Wednesday could help cut pollen counts, though a warm-up to 80 degrees or warmer by the end of the week and into the weekend could meanwhile exacerbate pollen conditions.

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