Perseid meteor shower to peak this weekend

Watch the Perseids, which put on arguably the best meteor shower for the Northern hemisphere, reach their peak Sunday night.

The meteors can appear in the early to mid-evening, but are at their best late into the night after midnight. Watch early, though, and you might spot an "earthgrazer" meteor, a long, slow and colorful meteor that grazes the Earth's atmosphere, according to

The source of the Perseids is the Comet Swift-Tuttle, which last passed by Earth in 1992 but left behind a trail of debris that crosses over our orbit of the sun this time each year.

The best nights to watch the meteors are Sunday night into Monday morning and Monday night into Tuesday morning, but if you feel like looking tonight or Saturday night, you are likely to see some meteors then, too.

Just be sure to find a spot away from light pollution with a clear, unobstructed view of the sky. Check the weather forecast before you head out -- skies are forecast to be partly cloudy Saturday night, but could be mostly cloudy Sunday and possibly stormy Monday.

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