One record missed, others remain in reach

Low temperatures this week are closer to normal highs for this time of year, but the warm spell hasn't set any records -- so far.

BWI Airport hit a daily minimum temperature of 59 degrees Tuesday morning, 1 degree below the highest daily minimum on record. The same was recorded here at the Sun weather station.

This morning started even warmer, so the records are still in jeopardy.

The Sun started at 61 degrees Wednesday and had reached 79 degrees by 3 p.m. The airport hit a low of 52 this morning and climbed to 78 by 2 p.m.

Another 5 degrees at the airport and we would match the record of 83 set in 2007. But meteorologists and weather observers are now shifting our best chance for record-breaking heat back another day. Thursday's record high is 82 degrees, set in 1990.

More on the warm spell of 1990 in another post to come.

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