One more day of low humidity, sunshine forecast Friday

Low humidity, sunny skies and highs in the mid-80s are forecast Friday before muggy air brings clouds and storm chances for the weekend.

Dew points are forecast in the 50s making the air feel cool and dry, but with clear skies, sunshine could be intense. 

Clouds were expected to start moving in overnight, with mostly cloudy skies now expected for much of the holiday weekend. Humidity is also forecast to jump up Saturday and increase into Labor Day on Monday.

Highs are forecast in the mid-80s Saturday, and could hit 90 degrees on Sunday for the first time in August, on the last day of the month. Highs are forecast in the upper 80s Monday.

Scattered storms are possible late Saturday night, again Sunday night and on Monday.

More hot, muggy weather is forecast to start off early September.

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