Blog readers predict average snowfall this winter

Maryland Weather blog readers predicted a wide range of potential snowfall this winter in Baltimore, but on average, did not stray far from history.

On average, readers are predicting 20.4 inches of snowfall in our annual forecasting contest, slightly above the average of 20 inches. Guesses ranged from a light 6.9 inches -- still 5 inches more than last winter's paltry 1.8 inches -- to 37 inches.

The median guess was 20 inches, meaning readers are evenly divided in expecting an above- or below-average season. The average snowfall at BWI Marshall Airport is about 20 inches in a season.

Predictions for this winter's snowfall, everyone's favorite (or most hated) meteorological topic around these parts, have vacillated as the season approaches. Expectations of an El Nino climate pattern prompted calls for a snowy winter, but now the phenomenon is looking unlikely.

Still, some have maintained the snowy predictions, though December is getting winter off to a warm start.

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