Highway officials urge safety in flooding

State Highway Administration crews are clearing storm drains ahead of heavy rains forecast Tuesday night and Wednesday, urging drivers to slow down and avoid deep water.

A flash flood watch will be in effect across most of Maryland starting at 6 p.m. and lasting through Wednesday evening, with as much as 3-5 inches of rain expected. Blustery winds with gusts up to 30 mph are also expected.

SHA crews are clearing debris from drainage systems along highways and bridges and plan to post high water signs and warnings on overhead message signs if necessary, according to the agency.

“Maryland is in the path of several storms that have already wreaked havoc on other States so we are keeping a close eye on the track of the storms,” SHA Administrator Melinda B. Peters said in a statement.

Drivers are urged not to attempt to cross moving water. Most vehicles float in 2 feet of water, according to SHA.

A coastal flood watch is also in effect from midnight Wednesday through early Thursday, with tides up to 2 feet above normal. 

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