Heat-related death reported in Wicomico last week

An elderly woman died of heat-related factors in Wicomico County last week, according to state health officials, the fifth death of the summer associated with rising temperatures.

The death was included in a weekly report the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene releases during the summer months. Officials do not provide any identifying details about the deaths, other than that the woman was older than age 65.

The report covered the week from July 9 through July 15.

Earlier heat-related deaths included an elderly man and a young girl, under age 4, in Baltimore County, another elderly woman in Wicomico, and a man aged 45-64 in Howard County.

Deaths that are confirmed to be heat-related typically involve people with underlying health conditions that are exacerbated by heat.

A 16-month-old girl died earlier this month after she was left inside a truck for hours in Lansdowne. The death was ruled accidental.

Baltimore health officials have declared a Code Red heat advisory through this week, opening cooling centers that provide free access to air conditioning and water and extending city pool hours.

The heat index is expected to rise above 100 degrees for the next several days before relief arrives over the weekend.

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