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Fireball spotted in evening sky across mid-Atlantic on Monday

A meteor burned through Earth's atmosphere over New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania on Monday night, creating a fireball seen for hundreds of miles, according to the American Meteor Society.

More than 60 witnesses from Virginia to Connecticut reported seeing the fireball about 8:25 p.m., according to the society.

It is estimated to have entered the atmosphere over southern New Jersey, likely landing somewhere in Lancaster County, Pa.

Witnesses reported seeing it silently but brightly shooting across the sky before appearing to burn up.

"The breakup was so visible I could see many of the fragments glow green as they fell strait (sic) down from its position," a report from "Johnny B." in Aberdeen said on the society's website. "Shaun B." in Laurel reported seeing it turn from reddish to blue to bright white. 

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The society receives as many as dozens of reports of fireballs over the U.S. every day, with more than 2,400 events reported so far this year. 

Before Monday, there had been nearly 60 reports of fireball sightings in Maryland, according to the society.

In 2010, there were several widely seen fireballs in the region. That, year, a fist-size rock left a trail of smoke across the sky before crashing through the roof of a Lorton, Va., medical office Jan. 18; baseball fans saw a fireball streak across the sky over Oriole Park at Camden Yards June 24 as the Orioles played the Florida Marlins; and another stunned early morning commuters May 10.

A meteor also famously tore through the skies of central Russia this February, injuring hundreds.

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