Eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks this weekend

Watch the Eta Aquarid meteor shower in the wee hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The shower can produce as many as 20-40 meteors per hour at its peak, which falls around May 4-5. suggests to expect 30+ meteors per hour, given the light of the waning moon.

Like those in other annual showers, the Eta Aquarids get their name from the point from which they appear to radiate. In this case, it's the star Eta Aquarii, part of the constellation Aquarius.

According to, the meteors appear to emanate from a part of the constellation known as the Water Jar. Check out EarthSky's charts of how to spot the constellations here.

The best time to look for the meteors is in the darkest hours of the morning, around 2-4 a.m. Best to look from a spot with a wide view of the sky and away from bright city lights.

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