Early Preakness 2012 forecast: Sunny, 74 degrees

Starting to think about your Preakness hat choices? Not sure whether to pull the trigger on tickets to join Kegasus and Maroon 5 in the infield? Fear not; it's forecast to be a beautiful day -- for now.

The 137th Preakness Stakes, on May 19, has come into the window of AccuWeather.com's 25-day forecast. It calls for cloudless skies, a 74-degree high and 52-degree low.

That is actually slightly below normal for that time of year, which averages 76-degree highs and 58-degree lows.

Of course, 25 days out, forecasts aren't the most accurate or precise, but AccuWeather forecasters said earlier this month when they debuted the long-term forecast that models have improved enough over the years to make it reliable. The National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center somewhat corroborates the outlook, calling for normal temperatures and precipitation levels in May.

For those getting ready to put some money on the Preakness betting table, here is some other potentially key information: AccuWeather's forecast calls for a rainy system moving through early in the week leading up to Preakness. Keep an eye out for the "mudders" in the race.

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