Clouds, rain forecast to block Tuesday's lunar eclipse

Rain, storms and clouds are forecast Monday night through Tuesday, likely blocking out any view of a full lunar eclipse -- sometimes known as a "Blood Moon" -- occurring early Tuesday morning.

Clouds are forecast to move in Tuesday afternoon, with chances of showers starting late Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

The eclipse will start about 2 a.m., reaching full eclipse from 3 a.m. to 4:25 a.m., with a peak at 3:46 a.m. The eclipse occurs when the full moon passes through Earth's shadow, opposite the sun, and the sun, moon and Earth happen to be on the same plane.

The dimming effect of the eclipse plus light refracted around Earth by the atmosphere can make the moon appear a coppery red, depending on weather conditions. As with sunrises and sunsets, clouds and other particles in the atmosphere can make the effect more or less brilliant.

While the Baltimore area and the rest of the Eastern U.S. will likely miss out on this eclipse, there are three more full lunar eclipses coming this year and next, in what is known as a tetrad of eclipses. The next is Oct. 8, and part of it will be visible at moonset from the Eastern U.S.

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