Finding weather information on the Web

The Internet has many sites for tracking developments on Hurricane Isabel, including:

  • The National Hurricane Center site offers satellite pictures, weather radar, aircraft reconnaissance and updated National Weather Service warnings and forecasts. Also: tips for storm preparation, answers to frequently asked questions and facts about previous storms. Unique feature: A glossary for the meteorologically challenged.
  • http:// Check out the five most recent warnings and advisories issued by the National Weather Service, strike possibilities and forecasts. Storm watchers will also be able to find updated coordinates, tracking data and satellite images. Unique feature: an animated map of storm progression, which will start or stop with a click of the mouse, showing the date, time and coordinates through Isabel's history.
  • Like its television counterpart, the Weather Channel, this site offers maps to show current position, wind speed, projected path and advisories. Also included are "storm readiness tips." Users can enter their zip code to receive local forecasts. Unique feature: Slide-show of Isabel-related photographs.
  • hurricane/index.html This site is a meteorology enthusiast's dream, with many text-based tables, current satellite images and aviation model forecasts. Unique feature: Wealth of data for hurricane history buffs.
  • hurricane Besides informing the public about hurricane preparedness, this site has forecasts and satellite images. Unique features: Listen to audio advisories in English and Spanish (Real Player required) or watch animated loops of a wide range of variables over the past 12 or 24 hours (Java plug-in installation required).
  • This site boasts tracking and mapping features that are both sophisticated and easy to understand. Special coverage of Hurricane Isabel. Unique feature: The JAVA-TRACK map shows both past and predicted points on Isabel's path that, when rolled over by a cursor, display crucial statistics such as time, wind speeds and direction, location and category.
  • Perfect for experiencing the rush of a storm chase in the privacy and safety of your home, this site largely consists of message boards concerning everything from chase accounts to "chase partner" personals. Unique feature: The Frequently Asked Questions part is especially informative.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency site has valuable links and resources on tropical storms ranging from forecasts to emergency preparedness. Unique feature: The FEMA for Kids section has easy-to-understand information, games, maps, quizzes and more to teach children about natural disasters and safety.
  • weather The Sun 's site has a variety of storm-tracking features from a local perspective, including maps and Weather Service advisories. Unique feature: School closings Compiled by Michael Himowitz, Julia Furlong and Meredith James
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