Dan Rodricks' 2010 Snow Day Quiz

Cabin fever setting in? Time for another edition of the Dan Rodricks snow-day quiz, a test of your knowledge of Baltimore and Maryland history and culture. Please, don't do the Google. See how many you can get correct.

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  • 1. Jehosie Heard is not a name you hear much anymore, but he was the first black man to what?

    • A. Play for the modern Orioles.

    • B. Play for the Baltimore Colts.

    • C. Serve as Baltimore City fire chief

  • 2. Who was Moses Hightower?

    • A. Maryland abolitionist who joined John Brown in his raid on Harper's Ferry.

    • B. Character played by former Baltimore Colt Bubba Smith in "Police Academy."

    • C. First county executive of Baltimore County.

  • 3. "They might be giants" might have been something Capt. John Smith said when he saw them for the first time.

    • A. The Susquehannocks.

    • B. Blue crabs his crew harvested from the Chesapeake.

    • C. The bison of the Patapsco River Valley.

  • 4. Rocker Joan Jett, who once lived in Wheaton, had a hit with a cover of what TV theme song?

    • A. "Greatest American Hero"

    • B. "Hill Street Blues"

    • C. "Mary Tyler Moore Show"

  • 5. He once coached Baltimore's entry in the United States Football League, as well as both teams in Sunday's Super Bowl in Miami.

    • A. Jim Mora Sr.

    • B. Ted Marchibroda.

    • C. Chuck Fusina.

  • 6. This short-lived comedy, produced by Norman Lear, sparked some controversy because its characters included two Baltimore prostitutes and one of the first gay couples on American television.

    • A. "Maude"


    • C. "Steamed Females"

  • 7. The City Paper used to run this comic strip by film director David Lynch, about a character who "cannot move, cannot eat, cannot sleep." Can you name it?

    • A. The Angriest Dog in the World

    • B. Twin Peaks

    • C. Bottomless Belly Button

  • 8. Speaking of the CP, in its 2006 Best of Baltimore issue, the free weekly declared this the "Best Place to Witness Relationship Drama." Was it:

    • A. North Avenue District Court building.

    • B. Fells Point side streets.

    • C. Second-level dining area, Lexington Market

  • 9. Who were the Feather Merchants?

    • A. Sales agents for Eastern Shore chicken farmers at poultry and egg auctions.

    • B. Booking agents for strippers who make appearances in clubs along Baltimore's Block.

    • C. Workers who applied asbestos insulation to pipes inside ships and mills.

  • 10. When the Ravens went to the Super Bowl in Tampa in 2001, who performed the National Anthem?

    • A. Backstreet Boys

    • B. Ray Charles

    • C. 'N Sync

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