It's the story of a couple holding on to hope and relying on faith after the husband was told he had

only days to live. Today, they welcomed a special out-of-town visitor who came to offer spiritual support.

Steve Seibert has suffered several health issues including lung failure and bacterial pneumonia. And, while doctors at various hospitals have offered conflicting reports, his wife says he also suffers from Lyme disease.

Today 10-year-old Anna Gress of Ohio visited Siebert’s wife Beatrice so she could pray for their family.

Gress says the long trip was worth it even though she couldn’t meet with the patient since he’s in ICU.

“All of a sudden I thought ‘Oh my gosh, this is a time for God to shine,’ “ she said.

By the way, Anna's mom Beth suffers from Lyme disease and little Anna showed possible signs. That makes their selfless act even more touching.

The Seibert family enjoys hearing from well wishers. They showed us the many cards they’ve received. If you’d like to contact them, use the following address:


Attn: Stephen Seibert

Carilion Clinic

P.O. Box 13367

Roanoke, VA 24033