Saturday's wintry mix of weather was welcomed by people spending the weekend at the Wintergreen Resort.
    Folks with Wintergreen Adaptive Sports say business has been slowed down a bit because of the unusually mild winter we've had so far this season. The resort says as soon as the temperatures drop near freezing, they turn on their snow guns to make sure the ground is covered for guests.
    Still, they say the weather is affecting the number of people headed to the resort.
    "This year, our lesson count is way down," said Tom Brown, Executive Director of Wintergreen Adaptive Sports. "Because on a day like today [Saturday], people will get up and look out at the rain coming down, and they'll cancel."
    Wintergreen Adaptive Sports says it typically gives between 500 and 600 lessons every season. "We have great hopes for the rest of the season," said Brown. "Whenever it gets cold enough, the snow guns will come on. So, we'll do the best that we can."