A town is having bird problems.

Altavista residents say they're tired of all the vultures.

So the town has come up with a plan to get rid of the buzzards once and for all.

Every day Altavista police are using flare pistols to scare away the vultures.

The town estimates there are about 250 birds.

The flares have helped lower the number.

The problem started six years ago.

Since then the number of complaints have grown.

People say the buzzards are destructive.

"One church up here they pecked holes in the roof They've been messing up people's yards," said Tina Rosser.

"They like to sit on people's rooftops and pull the shingles off, they will land on your cars and defacate and pull antennas and windshield wipers off," said Dan Witt.

On October 29, the council has agreed to pay 10-thousand dollars to a federal agency to trap, relocate and even kill some of the vultures.

But the assistant town manager says since the population has decreased because of the flares, the amount may be less than 10-grand.