From August 3-5, shoppers in Virginia can take advantage of a back-to-school sales tax holiday for certain school supplies, clothing and footwear. Those items will not be taxed at any retail store in Virginia throughout the holiday.

Virginia sales tax is usually 5 percent.

School supplies that sell for less than $20, and clothing and footwear that sell for less than $100, may be eligible.

Not everything is tax-free during the holiday. Computers and other computer-related items are not tax-free. Clothing accessories (like scarves and hats) are also not tax-free. Protective equipment (like hard hats) are not tax-free, and sports equipment also does not qualify.

For a complete list of eligible and ineligible items, click here.

Many stores are also having special sales during the holiday to attract shoppers. Some sales are on the tax-exempt items, and others are for big sellers like laptops that aren't going to be tax-free.

If you want to avoid the crowds, many stores are having online tax holiday sales as well.

Here are some of the best special deals that we found:

Sam's Club:

  • They are participating in the tax-free holiday. They have an open house during the weekend. For more information, click here.
JC Penney:
  • Free haircuts for kids in grades K-6 for all of August.

Valley View Mall:

  • Valley View Mall in Roanoke has coupons and deals at some of their stores. Click here for more information.


  • 2-pocket paper folder, $.01 (regularly $.49) with a $5 purchase
  • Zebra Cadoozles mechanical pencils, 0.7 mm; 10-pack for $3 (regularly $4.49)
  • Staples standard paper clips; 100-pack for $.01 (regularly $1.99) with a $5 purchase

Office Max:

  • HP Pavilion g6-1d80nr Notebook for $389.99 (regularly $479.99)
  • Verbatim Store'N'Go 8GB USB Flash Drive for $6.99 (regularly $19.99)
  • Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus SE graphing calculator for $119.99 (regularly $129.99) and get a free calculator case


  • School supply bundles are online, and there is no charge to ship the items to a local Walmart. Click here to see the bundles.
  • 2-pack of Crayola 24-count classic color pack crayons for $2.40
  • 2-pack of Elmer's 4-count All Purpose Washable School Glue Sticks for $4


  • Click here for special coupons on school supplies, groceries and USB drives.